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Motivational Speaker, Success Coach, Writer, Marketing Executive, and Podcast Host

Cat Valyi is a highly skilled motivational speaker. With over 9 years of expertise as a women's coach and 28 years in corporate strategic marketing, she brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to empower individuals, groups, and organizations. By rehabilitating your strategic mindset, Cat will guide you toward unlocking your true potential and becoming the best version of yourself. Her dedication to your success extends beyond speaking engagements; she also hosts a captivating podcast that supports your journey toward phase 2 success. Don't miss the opportunity to embark on a transformative journey with Cat today!

Signature Topics

Women Empowerment

  • Navigating The Corporate Environment to Win

  • Defining & Articulating Your Value

  • Networking Now For Future Survival

  • Self-Talk Mastery to Reimagine Your Future

  • 3 Steps to Getting Your Shift Together

Phase 2 Success 

  • Shift Always Happens - Are You Prepared?

  • Defining & Articulating Your Phase 2 Value

  • Reframing Age and Changing Your Mindset to Win - No Matter Your Age

  • The power of being your own cheerleader

Strategic Marketing Mastery & Leadership

  • The 3 Words That Create a Winning Marketing Mindset

  • Marketing Leadership Skills

  • Sales/Marketing Team Alignment Excellence

  • The Goldmine Client Strategy

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Shift Always Happens

For women who are experiencing a professional shift and need tools and information to thrive.

Take the leap and get the book that will support your dynamic purpose.

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