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Your Onboarding May Need A Marketing Makeover

Marketing expert assessing an onboarding process
Get a marketing-focused onboarding assessment

You might think your onboarding process is technically sound, but if your clients aren't feeling satisfied with the communication, perceive a lack of commitment compared to the sales process, or find discrepancies in the product or solutions after signing the contract, it's bad news for your future sales and communication efforts. Take a moment to ask yourself honestly: What score would your clients give you based on the onboarding experience alone?

Once your client signs the contract, you're essentially starting from ground zero with your relationship. The excitement of the sales romance is over, and now they are learning to love (or not) your onboarding team, customer service, and operations. Working closely with your marketing team to create a well-crafted workflow that emphasizes communication and connection while keeping the client clear and comfortable throughout the process is the secret to standing out from other organizations.

The Impact of Poor Onboarding: Losing your client's trust and affection during onboarding can lead to a rocky relationship going forward. Sure, it is possible to regain their trust, but it may leave a sour and lingering bad taste in their mouth. This negative sentiment could come back to haunt you in the future. They might start looking for alternatives, making upselling difficult and referrals unlikely.

By incorporating marketing principles into your onboarding process, you can:

  1. Improve Communication: Ensure clear and proactive communication at every stage, addressing client questions and concerns promptly.

  2. Personalize the Experience: Tailor your onboarding approach to meet each client's unique needs and preferences.

  3. Reinforce Goodwill: Strengthen the positive impressions formed during the sales process and nurture the relationship from day one.

Averting disaster starts with collaborating with a client-focused marketing expert who can create a personalized onboarding marketing strategy to transform your client dynamics. In a sea of sameness, having an edge that starts your relationship on the right foot is not just a nice idea – it's absolutely essential.

Get an onboarding marketing assessment to better understand the jeopardy you may be facing with every onboarding encounter.

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