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What's the Best Fertilizer for your New Clients?

If I told you, I bought hundreds of dollars worth of plants, dug holes for them, plopped them in the ground, walked away, and never looked back. You might think that I probably didn’t care if they grew or flourished. But the fact is that new plants that are not taken care of may look great in the short term will most certainly die. Their roots won’t take hold, and they won’t have the strength to thrive.

Now imagine your new clients as plants. Good service alone will only partially protect your client. If there is no connection or nurturing, your new client may be the perfect target for your competitors.

So, what’s the right fertilizer, water, and Sun that can help support your client’s growth so their roots can take hold? It’s content marketing.

Content marketing can be an essential nutritional component to help keep your clients connected without feeling like you only engage when you want to sell.

Here are a few ideas that will help you use your marketing as the perfect fertilizer for your new customers:

1. Develop a short yet informative newsletter that is exclusive to new customers. Include information about customer service, account management, etc.

2. Send tips and links to ways to optimize your service and technology use - helping support proper usage and optimization of their purchase.

3. Send statistics and market insights designed to help them make better decisions. Show that you care about their success above and beyond what you have sold to them.

4. Use your company Facebook page as a way to provide easy-to-read content and bullets that connect on a more personal level.

For help on creating the perfect new client content calendar, reach out to me at, and let's chat.

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