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Three Tips to Creating Sales and Marketing Success.

As a healthcare leader in a B2B setting, you know how important it is for your sales and marketing teams to work together effectively. Yet, despite your best efforts, you may still find that your teams are struggling to achieve the results you're looking for. Here are three useful ways to help your sales and marketing teams work together more efficiently and effectively.

One of the best ways to ensure that your sales and marketing teams work together is to get them on the same page. This means getting them to use the same dictionary, ensuring that they define everything in the same way. It's important to clarify terms like leads and opportunities, especially with regard to how they function throughout the buyer's journey. Are they on the same page concerning what a marketing-qualified lead is versus what a sales-qualified lead is and when those handoffs occur? Getting them to use the same dictionary is a crucial first step.

Another important aspect of getting your sales and marketing teams to work together is to allow them to ask each other questions respectfully. Just like when you're trying to learn about a client or prospective client, asking questions is key. The same is true with sales and marketing. If marketing is presenting a program, sales should be able to ask questions about it, but it shouldn't be in a combative or accusatory tone, and vice versa. Setting the stage for quality communication will allow each team member to understand what the other is doing.

Finally, getting a consensus on the goals and metrics is another great way for your sales and marketing teams to work together. Everyone needs to be on the same page regarding the marketing goals and metrics and how they align with sales goals and metrics. They may not align precisely, and that's not necessarily bad because marketing's process and function do something a little differently than what sales does on the buyer's journey. Getting everyone on the same page and reaching a consensus on these goals and metrics is crucial in getting your team working together.

By following these three tips, you can help your sales and marketing teams work better together to achieve better outcomes. It's all about getting everyone on the same page, encouraging quality communication, and setting clear goals and metrics on which everyone understands and agrees. As a B2B healthcare leader, you can use these strategies to ensure that your teams are working together effectively and that your business is poised for success.

By: Cat Valyi, CV Strategic Marketing Solutions

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