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No. Persona Development Is Not Dead.

In healthcare IT marketing, there's been some chatter about persona development being a thing of the past. However, let me assure you that it's far from obsolete; in fact, it's all about peeling back layers to dive deeper.

Imagine an orange for a moment. At its initial stage, a persona project is akin to the whole fruit - a general description that some may view as the ultimate goal of the exercise. If you stop there, the activity might seem fruitless (pun intended). But the real magic lies in going beyond the surface.

To unlock the true potential of persona development, you need to peel away the layers like you would with an orange. The more you peel, the deeper you delve into what truly matters to your target persona and why they would care about what your healthcare IT solutions have to offer.

Now, let's talk about reaching the core - the slice itself.

Within this slice lies the emotional driving force. Here, you'll discover where your persona falls on the Hierarchy of Business Needs.

  • Are they anxious about job security?

  • Do they find the thought of change unsettling?

  • Are they determined to advance in their career?

  • Do they seek recognition for their efforts?

  • Or do they possess an unwavering desire to make budget or personnel changes that can impact their organization?

Understanding these emotional drivers is the key to gaining clarity. It allows you to paint a vivid picture of success from their perspective. This is the true essence of the persona exercise and why you cannot afford to overlook its significance.

So, the next time someone dismisses persona development as a relic of the past, offer them an orange. Let them peel away the layers and discover the profound insights that lie within.

Embrace the power of persona development, and watch your healthcare IT marketing efforts resonate more deeply with your audience, leading to greater success for your business.

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