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It's The Elephant in the Room - Get Buyer's Journey Alignment to Improve Sales & Marketing Results.

Getting them on the same page is the perfect healthcare marketing strategy
Sales and Marketing Buyer's Journey Alignment

We all know the story of the three blind men describing an elephant. Depending on their position, each describes the elephant differently.

It’s the same with sales and marketing if the elephant is the buyer’s journey. Each believes the journey is different because they each have a different perspective.

When sales and marketing are not aligned, it creates chaos in the organization (ineffective programs, finger-pointing, and frustration.)

Keep in mind that each target audience may have a different journey, and each journey should be reviewed and understood by the team members.

Here are a few steps to get you and your team on the right track:

  1. Use a facilitator and bring the teams together to walk through your prospect's buying experience.

  2. Create an atmosphere that encourages discussion and communication

  3. Distribute a blank buyer’s journey template so everyone can walk away with a cohesive working document.

  4. Once the buyer’s journey is complete, discuss how each team interacts with the buyer throughout the process.

  5. Identify the tools and activities that need to be created or presented to support a successful journey.

  6. Review the journey experience at least once per year.

The buyer’s journey exercise will help create alignment and cooperation between these two important teams and support better outcomes.

To discuss working with a facilitator, click the link below to discuss how I can help.

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