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Four Steps to Controlling Negative Thoughts to Create a Great 2023.

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Limiting beliefs are driven by both outer and inner voices.

How you interpret and respond to these voices can make all the difference. Controlling your limiting beliefs can be one of the essential tools to ensure that your year is as successful as you wish.

Here are some ways to keep negative and limiting thoughts at bay so you can move forward and be successful.

When an idea for a new company, invention, promotion, or service ignites a vision in your mind, often the first thought is to share it. But before you do, ask yourself why you are sharing your thoughts. Is it to get validation, feedback, or insight?

Start by parsing people into three groups -Supportive, Fearful, and Resourceful.

The Supportive Group is great because they love you, and they will believe in all your dreams.

You can declare that you want to buy an elephant, and they will say it's a great idea (but is it really a great idea?) They don't provide insight; they are comforting and probably don'tdon't want to hurt your feelings.

The Fearful Group trafficks in doubt and tends to be trapped in a cycle of stress.

When asked for insight, they transfer their fear to you. Their responses are less about you and your ideas and more about how they would NEVER do anything different or new. And because they are riddled with fear, they can always find ways to punch holes in anything. If you are not careful, their expressions of fear can become an earworm in your head and stoke doubt.

Thirdly is the Resourceful Group.

They have experience in similar fields that can provide insight. They are individuals who have accomplished great things, have a business, or have some helpful ground-floor information are good sources to tap into to get insight and direction. They might be less resistant to failure (i.e., they have more financial resources, an abundance of experience, etc.), so be sure to tap into a few resourceful folks before diving in. It's important to remember that the ultimate choice should be yours.

Finally, there is the voice in your head.

You may not seek it out, but it can be your worst enemy and critic. If you are a half-glass-empty person, your inner voice is eager to protect you. It is afraid you will make a mistake, even before you have gathered all the facts. It will say things like, "you don't know how to do that." Or, "if this fails, you'll look stupid," or "why are you trying? You're not an expert." The trick to managing your inner voice is to remember that you are the creator of your thoughts. And, as the creator, you can control or change them. You can create a supportive, inquisitive, and kind mindset and narrative.

Consider writing down your positive affirmations and reading them daily. If a negative thought tries to sneak in, take out your list and start reading the positive reviews. You will be able to learn what you need to know to move forward.

Bonus Tip

Keep the stress from building and causing you to freeze and not move forward. Compartmentalize your ideas, put them all down on paper (or tablet), and put them in order of importance. Consider which ideas will give you the quickest, best impact, return, or greatest happiness. Identify what you will do second, third, and so on. Focus on one idea at a time to establish a sense of control will help the amount of stress that's coming. And taking time to breathe deeply and meditate regularly doesn't hurt.

2023 can be a year of achievement and success if you choose to control your limiting beliefs. Assessing your outer and inner conversations related to your goals can make the difference between failure and success. Decide to speak kindly, support yourself, and seek out helpful and informative avatars.

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