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Catherine (Cat) Valyi

I'm here to help you transform the way you improve your brand and enhance revenue through marketing. My process is designed to strengthen your brand and attract the right clients. Through my years of experience and success, I developed the 3D Strategic Marketing approach. It is focused on removing the stress you experience due to a one-dimensional marketing relationship. 

As an executive and entrepreneur in the healthcare space, I provide the highest level of service. I will engage in honest conversations and work towards helping you achieve your goal to create the best marketing outcome for you and your business. 

Get your free healthcare marketing assessment and a free 3D Strategic Marketing Checklist.

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Healthcare is complex to navigate!

If your current marketing initiatives aren’t working, or perhaps your plan is light or nonexistent, you’ve come to the right place.


The healthcare market is complex and has more acronyms that can be counted! Spending precious time getting your marketing consultant up to speed on your business is already time-consuming. If you also have to educate them on your healthcare space, it’s additionally frustrating.

Planning is not overthinking

You might think that it’s silly to overthink marketing. You just need to try a few things like a brochure and Instagram posts and go to a tradeshow or two; something has got to work. Here’s a free tip! Forget the spaghetti-on-the-wall approach; it’s a waste of time and money (and perfectly good spaghetti.)


You don’t build a house without a blueprint.

Now here’s my secret – marketing is like building a house.
You need to blueprint to make sure the foundation is level, determine how much material you must buy, and the skill to build the frame, add the roof, and close in the wall.  Your promotions, brochures, etc., are the design elements added at the end of the process – once the house is built.

As your marketing coach and consultant,
I provide the guidance, support, and experience to help you achieve marketing excellence.

For over 28 years, I have worked with a large variety of healthcare organizations, uncovering their 'secret sauce' and creating the perfect blueprint. I developed the 3D Marketing approach as my guide to keep you and your plan on track. Significantly enhancing brand awareness, thought leadership programs, content, promotions, tradeshows, social media activity, and more.

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Client History

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B-to-B Healthcare Marketing Can Be Boring. 
Here Is A Free EBook To Change Boring Into Interesting. 

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Focused On Your Success  

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