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CV Strategic Marketing Solutions

Get, Keep, And Grow The Business And Life You Want. 

Psychology, mindset, and strategic marketing work together to help you achieve growth and success in business and your life

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Meet Cat Valyi

Consultant/Fractional CMO, Speaker, Podcast Host, Author, Success Coach

With an unexpected professional shift during her 28-year corporate journey, Cat responded swiftly by starting her own company and building her network. Over the past eight years, she has thrived as an entrepreneur, Fractional CMO/consultant, and coach. Cat is passionately committed to empowering B2B businesses and professional women, enabling them to attain, sustain, and advance their desired business and personal lives.

Drawing upon her extensive experience, Cat has developed an innovative 3D Strategic Marketing and Strategic Path approach that revolutionizes conventional one-dimensional marketing practices. By integrating psychology, mindset, and marketing strategy, she fosters open and collaborative dialogues with clients, leading to optimal outcomes. Recognizing businesses' distinct challenges in the healthcare industry, Cat provides tailored solutions to enhance brand resilience and elevate lead generation results.

In addition to her business endeavors, Cat coaches professional women in the "Rising In Age" stage, guiding them to overcome obstacles, discover their strategic paths, and achieve the success they truly deserve.

As the founder of CV Strategic Marketing Solutions and co-founder of Women With Dynamic Purpose and OM Growth Systems, Cat Valyi is deeply committed to supporting businesses and individuals in reaching their marketing and professional aspirations.

Contact Cat Valyi today and embark on a transformative journey to unlock the full potential of your marketing approach and brand.

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Fractional CMO & Consultant


Success Coach

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What People Are Saying

At the Office

Zack Perry,
CEO, RRS Medical

Working with Catherine Valyi of CV Strategic Marketing Solutions was a pleasure. We needed someone that both knew our industry and had a history of marketing success. She developed a solid marketing strategy that modernized our look and feel and created webinars, articles, and other content that helped position us as a thought leader in the release of information industry. Her promotion development, content creation, and client retention initiatives laid the foundation for our go-forward marketing plans.

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Sue Chamberlain,
Compliance/Education VP 
HIM Educatior

I have so enjoyed working with Cat. She has taught me a great deal about marketing, for our organizations but also for myself. She knows healthcare, especially the functions of those of us in the Health Information Management (HIM) field better than many in the field. She is dedicated to her clients and their needs, helping others see the strengths of the organization and those within. She is kind, strong and has remarkable leadership skills. I am blessed to be able to continue to work with her outside of RRS Medical.

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Jonathan Arkin,
Business Dev VP

She {Catherine} has always proven herself to be an effective leader with the unique ability to manage teams toward achieving company goals. Catherine and I worked on several projects together, and I was always impressed by her drive and passion to improve the customer experience. When the customer is not necessarily in the room, it was Catherine who always spoke for the customer and reminded us all as to our mission and our value proposition. She was correct. Most companies are only as good as their customers perceive them.


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