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3D Strategic Marketing 

Transform your one-dimensional relationship with marketing to elevate your brand and help bring the right clients to you. 

Define, Design, and Deploy 

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Marketing Blueprint Infographic

Marketing Blueprint Infographic
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Steps to Building Your Plan

You wouldn't build a house without a plan. The same goes for marketing. Not having a blueprint means you are flying blind and that can cost precious time and money. 

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Marketing Blueprint Design

You don't build a house without a blueprint, and you shouldn't build a marketing plan without a strategy. My process takes you away from the haphazard spaghetti on the wall tactics to a targeted and strategic approach. Together we identify realistic goals and create the perfect plan with a cohesive message that promotes your strength and uniqueness. 

Content Marketing Partner

Marketing content is the backbone of nurturing, branding, communication, and it supports your sales consultive selling initiatives. However, content marketing is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Working with an industry expert marketer and writer removes that burden from your shoulders while allowing you to have the information and content available to present your business as a credible, trusted advisor and thought leader. 

Program Management & Implementation

Program management allows you to implement a large, usually one-time program without the stress of managing every single detail. My partnership allows you to manage your day-to-day duties while I expertly orchestrate and deliver an essentially flawless program that achieves your desired results and, more importantly, makes YOU look great. 

Website Development & Design

When it comes to your website, you have about 4 seconds to make a good impression. However, there are many steps and activities that must be done to create a website that represents you well and keeps your prospects engaged and active. Additionally, If you are in the healthcare space, the right partner is even more critical. You need a website designer who understands HIPAA compliance constraints and how to speak to various personas in that unique space. My industry knowledge and experience remove stress around this project and helps you present the right experience for your client base. 

Fractional CMO/Marketing Coach

Not sure how to add or implement a strategic marketing plan focused on accelerating your brand, increasing lead generating activity, and supporting your sales efforts? As your marketing coach, you have an expert at your side that will put the building blocks in place and help you define, design, and deploy the right program to support your specific goals and give you and your team a running start to marketing success. 

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